26 May 2011

Miss Lincoln - by Georgina Espasa

At first, I must admit that I felt strange but being with you and other bearded women made me feel more protected.
I found very funny that a group of young boys -who were at the festival -could not stop laughing. It was as if it was a joke for them. There was especially one who was laughing so much that I decided to stop passing right next to him, just beacause I felt he was feeling ashamed everytime that he looked at me... but perhaps it was my imagination ... who knows...

Throughout the evening, I forgot about the beard (except when it it was itchy) because it was very integrated to me.
Interestingly, once I left the festival, on my way home, I was very embarrassed that people could see me. Although it was dark night I went back by bike through the less busy streets ... I felt a little ridiculous hiding myself.

Well, I think that neither society nor me are ready to integrate bearded women. At least, not without being incially in a state of shock, denial, shame or provocation.
However, I must say that I loved it. I even found it sexy and feminine ...
Thank you girls for the experience ... and also for the visit.Whenever you want we wait here in Berlin....

big kiss

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